Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My little brother is all grown up

Today I found out my middle brother has got engaged! This is the one who has done prison, alcoholism and then rehab and has completely turned his life around. You wouldn't recognise him from the person he used to be. They have been together since last summer, but she has known him as a friend when he was at his worse, and as a couple she helps bring out his best. I'm so so pleased for them both so I just wanted to post a hurray!

Also for those who do have someone they love who is in a mess, things can change. This was the boy who used to appear banging on our door at 2 am raging drunk, who managed to get himself barred from every pub, lost every job, arrested multiple times and made a fair few enemies along the way. Now he is clean, happy, sober, sensible and out of trouble. God and rehab have a lot to be thanked for.


Anonymous said...

congrats to your brother. :)

i know how it feels, my fiance did the whole jail time, drinking problem and etc. when he met me, he changed his life around because he wanted to, and because i was in his life. sometimes it take someone special to change someone for the good. :)

congrats again.