Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers day

Now normally I'm not a person who does mothers day/fathers day/valentines day and all that sort of thing, but seeing my little boy look up at me, smile, cuddle and giggle was the best mothers day gift anyone could ever want.

To all those people who get upset because you got the wrong card/no breakfast in bed/no big present I have to say I feel sorry for you, as somewhere along the line you obviously missed the point. DS is the best mothers day gift I could ever hope for, and a smile from him is more special then any present I have ever had.

I know it can't be nice for those people who feel unappreciated and unthanked, but I just want to take a moment today to think of those people who desperately want children and for whatever reason can't have them. I hope that one day you will have that gift of a smile cuddle and giggle that was so precious to me this morning.


cowboyboot lady said...

That is just precious. You have so much to celebrate for Mother's Day with your little boy! Happy Mother's Day! (our in the States is in I was confused at first, but yours must be in March) :)

Bernardeena said...

Yes ours is always the 4th sunday in lent. It is to do with honouring mary and some historical reasoning of servants being allowed a day off to go and see their mothers or something like that I believe.