Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A quick rant

I've been tagged by the lovely Dr spouse which I will do as a proper post later when I have a little more time, I will also put a little knitting update in, it seems to be going well so far but I am doing the simple bit at the moment. However for now while I have a quick 5 minutes I just want to say this.

NO YOU CAN NOT CALL YOUR BABY ARTHUR IF IT IS A BOY!! My brother told me last night that he has that down as one of his top few names if their baby in April is a boy. I don't mind if people in general call their babies Arthur, it is a fab name, but we lost our Arthur so therefore I don't want a nephew Arthur. I seriously hope they have a girl, I think they will have a girl anyway, but even if not, then find a different name!


DrSpouse said...

Although Mr S denies it, we discussed names for our first baby, and although the boy's name was not likely to come up, I was relieved when my brother's second daughter only had my mother's middle name - I wanted her first name for a girl if we had one.