Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Positivity and fear

How do you discuss your potential problems without focussing on them too much and allowing them to become fear? Since getting pregnant I have avoided the Uterine/mullerian anomaly sites. The very places I found so useful and got so much of my knowledge are not now places I want to be reading. I think my problem is that I already know there are a lot of extra risks, reading more about them will not help me at this point. More then that though, the very nature of these sites means that often the people that post there and use them are the people who are having difficulties or problems. When everything is going perfectly smoothly I guess people don't go out of their way to find places like that. It is often those for who things aren't going so smoothly who the need to find people in a similar position to talk to this about have a dodgy Uterus and all that can entail.

I don't really tend to talk about the problems a completely bicollis uterus can cause, I don't want to focus on that, I want to focus on having a healthy baby. I know that God is bigger then all the potential problems so I just have to trust him, I will try and stay positive, but sometimes it would be nice to talk about it. I don't want to worry hubby, and I think most people genuinely don't really understand what having a double uterus can mean. The one couple who I feel I can talk to openly and actually understand about this aren't really around, it would just be nice to have them back.

Anyway I have started making this for baby. i thought it was so cool! I'm making it in 3-6 months though as not only will it give me time as I'm dreadful at completing any knitting, also bubs is due in summer. That is presuming it is actually warm next year. Started yesterday so only just begun. I'll keep updating


DrSpouse said...

I think that is a really positive thing to do. It should look very sweet - and congratulations on making it to your personal milestone.

DrSpouse said...

PS have just tagged you in a meme.

Bernardeena said...

Thank you, and thank you for the tagging. Never been tagged before, I shall do that later.