Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The new.

This weekend had a couple of firsts for me, one known and one unknown.

I'll start with the known. This weekend was my first time playing the bass guitar for our worship team at church. It's something that has been in the pipeline for a little while, I bought and started learning the bass in summer in preparation for my takeover as bassist, but the first one I was still a bit apprehensive about. It mainly went well though. By the end my concentration had gone a bit and I was making silly mistakes on the song I knew best, but most of the time it went really well which I thank God for.

The second first is a bit more complex. When my mum was a child her parents separated. She stayed living with her mum and lost contact with her Dad. So when we were all born and grew up we only ever knew our Grandma on mum's side, not Grandad. A couple of years ago said Grandad died, and my mum and uncle went to his funeral, therefore getting back in touch with a large part of the family that hadn't been in contact with for over 30 years. Until Sunday i hadn't met any of them at all, until my uncle comes and taps me on the shoulder and tells me he wants to introduce me to someone. It was this most surreal feeling of meeting someone you don't know at all, who isn't part of your life and isn't really even a close relative, but is a part of the family that you have never met... Can only imagine how strange it must be to meet a close relative that you have never seen, must be so surreal.

Hmm this post is a bit rambly and not a huge point to it all, just a get out a small bit of what I'm thinking really.

Oh, and 12 weeks tomorrow!!!! Still a long way to go though, it seems like ages!