Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Pregnancy Radar

Does anyone else have this? This knowledge that someone else is pregnant even though you haven't been told and there is not even always a logical explanation as to why you think it? I know it can't be just me that has this, I know one of my friends (R) does too, but it can be shockingly accurate a lot of the time, even if not 100% of the time

In august I realised a friends wife was pregnant before they had realised themselves, in hindsight I now know she must of been about 9 weeks at the time. The past couple of weeks I have had strong suspicions about another friend, speaking to my friend(R) on sunday she said she had the exact same suspicions. Said suspicions have been pretty much confirmed today.

So what is it that makes this happen, is it hormones given off we pick up on, is it just very slight hints in conversations, is it something deeper then that? Who knows? I do remember the very first time it happened though. I was a teenager and I knew that a particular woman was pregnant, and then I knew she had a miscarriage, but it wasn't until years later that I found out that this was actually true. There were possible slight hints at the time, but nothing at all definite.

Makes you wonder how many people do know? And was I always wrong the few times I thought someone was pregnant and they weren't? I wonder how many people guessed about me earlier this year, especially as I felt I was showing quite a bit by the time I miscarried?

Hmm I'll just sit here and ponder on...


DrSpouse said...

I've had this when people haven't been telling but have known themselves, but not ever when they haven't yet known. So I think if they know it's subtle things in conversation, or things they are doing that you know are pregnancy related.

Lorna said...

I have this too, I also seem to have a gender radar too for guessing what sex a baby is (except for my own lol). I can even do it with people online though who I haven't even met, weird!

Don't we only use something like 10% of our brain though, so I do think there is much more to us than we realise.

Bernardeena said...

Sometimes I have a gender radar, it's quite good, but nowhere near as good as my pregnancy radar. Was right about you and your brothers LO's, but I am not so good with random internet people as you!