Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Friends bfp and other news

Last week I had my first friend announcing a bfp since my mmc, and I'm so pleased for them! Lots of friends have given birth since my scan, but none announced bfps, the last announcement was about 5 days before my scan. Was relieved to not feel at all upset or jealous by it, just really really happy for them. They got married in April, and it turns out that I had realised she was pregnant before they had. They don't know what has been going on with me, I had guessed she was pregnant but didn't want to say anything incase they weren't ready to tell people, but then when he did tell me turns out they had only just found out themselves.

As for me I'm still waiting for the results to my MRI. I've been away anyway so not able to hear anything yet, but hopefully won't be too long.

In other things hubby's granny passed away over the weekend. It is not a shock, but upsetting for the family none the less. We know where she is though and she is no longer suffering or trapped here. The funeral should be next week but not sure exactly when yet. She was a really lovely lady and although I didn't know her that well I got on so well with her.

Enjoying a bit of a break at the moment anyway. Just spent some lovely but tiring time with friends I don't see often, and now got a few days just with DH which should be lovely.