Monday, 20 October 2008

Only a few days to go

Not long now until my scan, it seems like I have been pregnant for ages though, not that I'm not even quite at 6 weeks yet. Don't know why it seems to be going so slowly. I could just do with sleeping away the time between now and friday, I feel so tired. I think with that and the hormones I'm a bit everywhere at the moment. I feel positive most the time though, just got to keep on praying and trusting that things will be better this time

Anyway the painting. A while ago I posted 3 canvases that I had just painted the back of. This is them now, and actually my boss wants to buy them for her dining room wall which is great

Here is my next work in progress. It is only just started really and needs a lot doing yet, but you get the idea

I actually went to another local art exhibition this weekend to have a see how they do these things. I got some good ideas of what to do and what not to do, and how best to present all the pictures. I also got a sneaky idea for some simple but effective paintings although that wasn't my intention. Only just over a month now until exhibiton time, and with the tiredness I'm really going to have to get myself motivated!