Monday, 11 August 2008

A bit of everything

Seems to be quite a bit going on at the moment, so here is a bit of a roundup of what is going on with me.

I went to a very good friends wedding this weekend and it was absolutely lovely. They are both lovely people who have been really good friends and support for me recently with everything that has been going on and it was so lovely to see them get married. The service was fantastic, the best man was suitably amusing, he was very funny infact, especially as all the funny bits were unintentionally and just verbal drivel, he was great! It was lovely to get all dressed up too, have a bit of a dance, some lovely food, and a great day with friends. It almost made me cry though when the best man prayed that they would be blessed with children that would eat there greens, was lovely. I'm such a sop.

Feel like I haven't really posted any photos again for ages, got loads of lovely ones at the wedding, some great ones when the kids at work were horse riding last week, some really nice ones when I took the kids to Lyme park, however given that I feel I can't really post any of those I need to get a crack on. This months photo themes are either a taste of summer, or myths legends and fairytales, so should really start on that.

A bit of a worry at the moment is DH's granny. She has gone drastically down hill this year. There have been a few times when they thought she wouldn't pull through but she has, and now is one of those times where it isn't looking good. She is a wonderful lady, and a christian so I'm not worried about her dying as such, it's the inbetween bit that's hard, when she is so very ill. It would be wonderful if she pulled though again and was well, but if not I just want her to have a peaceful end and not be in any pain. Not really sure exactly what is happening at the moment though. My inlaws came back from their holiday early on sunday, but not had an update yet on how she is doing.

As for the ongoing investigations with my uteri, my MRI is tomorrow! I presume I won't find anything out for a couple of weeks as will have to then have another appointment with the gynae to discuss the results I guess, but I'm a bit nervous now as to what the end result of this whole bicornuate bicollis uterus, 2 cervixes, dodgy angles thing will be from a medical point of view. As to what the end result will be from a ttc point of view I guess that may just be a wait and see. Argh I wish I could have a definite answer either way, but life isn't like that unfortunately, but onwards we go anyway. I know I will be a mum one day, I hold on to that, it's just when and how that I don't know.

And finally I'm off to a christian youth festival in Somerset very soon to work as a steward. I do this every year for a week or two and I love it, this will be my 10th year working. I only booked about 2 weeks ago to go this year as obviously I originally thought I wouldn't be able to go. Although I'm looking forward to going I bizarrely feel a bit sad about going too, I wasn't going to go as I should be 8 months pregnant. However life moves on and looking forward to some time away in Florence after that. Can't wait for some hot weather!

So that has been a bit of a long and all over the place one! If you are still reading this far down and haven't said hello before then say hello and introduce yourself. I always wonder who is reading!


Lorna said...

Hello, i'm reading! Hope it goes well tomorrow and you can get some answers very soon hun. Will be praying for you tomorrow, what time is it? Love you lots x x x

Lorna said...

p.s. was Duncan his best man? I *heart* Duncan, he is so funny and lovely! x

Bernardeena said...

No it was Mike, and he seemed to have foot in mouth disease, and after he'd opened a whole he'd just keep on digging. One of the funny bits was when he was saying grace and thanked God for the day so far and for everything that was going to come later, he hadn't really thought about what he said and everyone started laughing at him and the whole prayer fell to pieces as he started trying to defend himself and say he wasn't talking about that. It was very funny if you were there anyway.