Thursday, 26 June 2008


Firstly a quick update on my painting, then i'll update about my hospital appointment yesterday.

Did a bit more this morning so this is where we are up to. Although on the photo the sea merges into the sky I think i need some sort of line, just not too bold. I'll work on that next, along with some texture for the sea, particularly where the waves are hitting the shore.

Anyway now for yesterday. It went really well actually and I feel quite positive about the whole thing. It was helped a lot by the fact I had one of the lovely people I had seen before and not one of the incompetent ones. I wasn't actually told anything I didn't know, but I didn't expect to be, and I have been booked in for a hysteroscopy, which is exactly what I wanted. It means a bit more waiting but better to know what is going on first and deal with anything that can be dealt with before trying again. I'm really pleased that they are taking action about this and not just leaving me to get on with it by myself. I'm actually hoping I can watch what is going on too as I find it quite fascinating really.

One more thing about the hospital on a whole different tangent. For a long time I've felt like I need to be doing more with myself. My husband tells me that no matter how much I do I never feel like I'm doing enough, but it's like being hungry and there is nothing I can do to make it go away apart from eat, or in this case do things. Hmm I'm not sure if that makes sense to you but never mind. Anyway before I got pregnant I was looking into volunteering at the hospital, I did this once before as my A-level work placement, but with getting pregnant and varying other things it didn't happen. When I was at the hospital yesterday though I saw a poster looking for volunteers to help with the chaplaincy service. I really feel this might be something I could do that would make a difference to people, so hopefully at the end of next month I'll go to the meeting to find out more and decide if this could be something for me or not. I'll update when I know more.