Sunday, 8 June 2008

Purchases of the week

Yesterday I went to patchings which is an arty crafty fair which was fantastic. I've never been before but I get the impression it from going it is one of those places if you had a lot of money you could easily spend a huge amount. As it was I bought several bits, 5 big canvases, a lovely little print, some more silk paints, and some stuff for starting to have a go with oils, which is what I think I'm going to do next. I've only ever really done oils once before but it's worth a play anyway.

My most recent buy is this. I'm currently teaching myself to play bass guitar, having only played it very basically about 10 years ago. So I thought a useful thing to have might actually be a bass! Hopefully will arrive later this week.

And finally after all my hassle with the car, I now have a new one and hopefully it'll do me well.


Lorna said...

Nice new car sweetie :-) x x

What was wrong with the other one then?

Bernardeena said...

It was just going to cause loads of problems and be very expensive. I don't know exactly, but something fairly big with the engine to start. Then would be followed by lots of other things. Anyway I just cut my losses and will hopefully be better off this time!

Lorna said...

Hopefully this one will be a goodun.

Or car is on its way out I think, the engine is taking longer and longer to start, eek!

x x x

Bernardeena said...

Oh no! I hope it is only something fairly minor not something too expensive.