Sunday, 20 April 2014

Crafty updates

I finally have a picture of my finished crocodile shawl, it is lovely and snuggly. This picture doesn't really show it's beauty but I am really pleased with it.

This week I have started a blanket for a friends little boy, the husband calls it the blockbusters blanket. I'm making this in women's institute premium acrylic and I think it may be my new favourite cheap acrylic. It is much less squeeky then the hayfield bonus, and I go it 3 for 2 at hobby craft so this will be a bargain project.

And I have just finished a little dress for rainbow. I decided to do this in the two colours rather then one like the pattern and I think it has worked well.


Evelyn Hender said...

aw lovely makes, I think the dress is my favourite, probably because it's purple lol. Have you tried stylecraft special yarn? I use the DK for blankets and it's nice and soft and washes well

Bernardeena said...

I have had a play with the stylecraft, but no shops stock it locally and i like to be able to hold all my colours together before buying. I'm not so good at telling what goes together from online swatches, I prefer to see them all together in the flesh so to speak. The dress was made out of King Cole acrylic which is quite good, but i do like this new discovery. Soft and in nice shades.