Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Funky wipes

How gorgeous are these? Even for those who aren't a hippy at heart I would definitely recommend washable wipes. They clean so much better then disposables, and long term they save you a lot of money too. I've just invested in some new wipes, aren't they funky? They are a fleece/terry wipe from a wahm called ruby red designs based here in the uk. See another great reason to use washable wipes, supporting little businesses rather then help Tesco in their bid for world domination. The big kid was very excited by them, the one problem I can see occuring is requests for specific wipes every time I wipe a bum "but I wanted a  pink wipe Mummy, not a stripey wipe"

I don't think (or at least I hope) we will be in need of nappies for much longer as the little one is showing great signs of being ready to potty train properly, but wipes will always be needed when there are children in the house.


DrSpouse said...

We love them for faces too - special solution for bums, plain water for faces. But we have plain white as otherwise Mr Spouse gets confused. I can see they are better for fussy verbal toddlers maybe too!