Monday, 24 October 2011

Whitby elf hat

I called this a whitby elf hat as it has been made for my littlest man's first ever Whitby goth weekend, and November on the north yorkshire coast can be pretty nippy!I guess this would fit about a 1 to 4 year old, it fits my ten month old perfectly but he is rather chunky. (eta it turns out this hat is very stretchy so will fit a much larger child too)

I used 2 balls of dk wool at once, one black and one variagated, I used escape but I guess you could use a flat colour. Or if you wanted I guess you could just use one strand of chunky, but I like the effect from 2 balls.

I used 6mm needles and started by casting on 68 stiches, using the two yarns as one. Then I worked 8 rows in 2x2 rib. Staying on the same needles I knit a row and evenly decreased by 5 stitches across the length of the row, leaving me with 63 stitches. Purled next row, then worked in stocking stitch(knit row, purl row) until piece measured 10cm. On the next row I then knit 7, then knitted 2 together, and repeated until the end of the row. 56 stitches. I continued in stocking stitch for another 5 cm, then worked the next row by knitting 6, the knitting 2 together (k2tog) and repeating across the row. This kind of gives the basic pattern for the shape.

So from there I worked in ss for 5cm, then k5,k2tog for row, ss for 5cm, then k4, k2tog for row, ss for 5cm, then k3, k2tog for row, ss for 5m, then k2, k2tog for row, ss for 5cm, the k1, k2tofg for row. At this point I changed a little, Ithink I worked about 3cm then I k1, k2tog for row, then I did another 2cm and then k2tog across row, finishing by 2m of ss then cast off. Stitched up the seam, and that was it. I'm considering adding a little pompom but not decided yet.

The end of mine is all black because I ran out of the variagated wool, so added a second strand of black, but if I make this again I will make sure I have enough! Hopefully that makes sense if you want to have a go.