Wednesday, 19 October 2011

10 months

The time really is flying. My little newborn is now 10 months old. He really is a wonderful little boy. He loves playing with his big brother, although we have given him the nickname destuctorbaby as poor N never gets to build anything without it being pulled apart by his little brother. N is getting so big and is really very patient. We went through a really hard patch the moment he turned 2, I couldn't leave them alone together even for a second, but we have got through the other side lovelier then ever. He has a real mischeivious side but a really gentle side too.

As for me and my constant search to find time to be crafty, this week I have been dyeing. I had my first go at grad dyeing a wrap, and although it isn't perfect it isn't bad either.

Knitting is still going slowly but surely, and one day I will paint again, but it is all tiny bits which I enjoy and bring a bit of colour to my week. And when all else fails there is always my family friendly craft of baking.