Monday, 16 March 2009

Knitting updates

If you don't like knitting then I'd give up now on this post. However for something less serious then the last few posts please feel free to carry on and wonder why I am so impressed with myself over such basic knitting acheivements.

I have signed up for my first ever knit along. I wasn't going to as I have so many projects on the go anyway, However it looks gorgeous and it will be something for me rather then just for this baby, so here it is. I have bought some beautiful silk and mohair yarn to make it in, in a gorgeous deep purple. I shall update when I start, the knit along is on ravelry, but I don't think we are starting for a week or two yet.

As for my other knitting I am quite impressed. The pixie coat is all done aside from the sewing up and the little stripey tank top just needs sewing up and the collar etc knitting on. So that is two very nearly completed projects! (although I know the bit I have to do is in one way the worst, but that is why I'm waiting for some help from my mum) Plus I have started on my first ever cabled item, and so far so good! It is definitely not as hard as it looks so I'm pretty pleased with that.

Aside from the knitting I have also been trying to get things done on my garden. I have half dug over my fruit patch, put in a black currant bush and redcurrant bush, planted lettuces, tomatoes, broadbeans, peas, sprouts and erm possibly some other stuff that i can't remember, and I have loads more seeds ready to be planted. I really want to get this garden sorted before this bump gets too big (shall I do another bump shot? It's really sprouted but I always doubt you will want to look at some random persons bump, although you are currently reading some random persons drivel, and on a side note I do thing this bump is gettin a bit lopsided now. I'm sure only I notice but it is definitely bigger on the right where he is then on the left) Anyway i may do some before and after picures of the garden as it is going through a fair overhall, but please note that my lovely huby is ding all the heavy digging work not me!