Thursday, 8 January 2009

Pregnancy, volunteering, creativity and a general mix of everything.

I'll start with the creativity bit. Now I have a bit more energy back I'm trying to get back into my creative side. My knitting is going very well but slowly, will try and post some pictures when I have done more, but at least I have completed the back. I also joined a knitting site called ravelry so hopefully I'll get some stuff up on there soon and use it for inspiration too. As for painting I haven't really done any since the art exhibition, so when my art group starts again next week I'll use that to give me a spur. I want to painting a version of this, with the modern aspects taken out, as a present for my hubby as he loves his steam trains.

Volunteer wise I had my first day working in the breast care clinic yesterday. It has hard to tell exactly how it went, but I think it was ok, the staff there seemed really nice. I was mainly just making cups of tea and coffee for the patients, there is slightly more to it then that, but that was mostly what I was doing yesterday while I was getting used to it and learning my way round a bit. My main concern however is that there is another volunteer there normally. She wasn't there yesterday as was unwell, but I'm unsure how the job will stretch for 2 of us to fill. We shall see next week though. I should also start my work with the chaplaincy team soon too, my induction is next saturday.

As for pregnancy related stuff I had my midwifes appointment today. All was well, I got to hear baby's heartbeat which was lovely, my blood pressure etc was all great, so waiting for my next scan in a few weeks now. While I was at the clinic seeing the midwife I did happen to bump into someone I know from a long time ago. Looks like she may be due around the same time as me. We were friends when we were about 6/7, and strangely enough the house I now live in used to belong to her parents. She now lives about 2 minutes away from my house. Will have to see if we are in any baby type groups together, as would be nice to get to know her a bit again.

And finally a couple of bum pictures. My bump growth has definitely slowed down again after having a huge spurt just before Christmas, but still growing gradually. The quality is a bit poor as they are just on my phone and it was starting to go dark, but you get the idea.