Monday, 5 January 2009

Christmas and general 2008 round up

Right not really been on this over the whole Christmas and new year break, so I'll start by saying Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2009 is a good one for each of you.

Christmas has been great, my lovely hubby too me down to London to see Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour dreamcoat. Unfortunately no pictures could be taken but here's one I found on flickr to give you a taster
We really were that close too as we were on the second row so was great! I'm glad we went when we did though as the person playing Joseph changes this week and I'm not convinced by the new guy. He might be great, he just doesn't strike me as the sort of person I see as Joseph.

As for 2008 here is a bit of a round up of how it has been for me.

Found out I was pregnant for the first time. The first of my friends babies of the year was born.

Fairly quiet month really, another friend gave birth, another friend got pregnant

Bad news time. First scan baby only measuring 5/6 weeks, instead of the 11 should be. Looks like I have a double uterus too. Told to come back 2 weeks later to confirm a missed miscarriage, having started bleeding on and off and with a visit to A&E inbetween. Erpc the day before Good Friday. Goodbye little Arthur. On antibiotics due to post op infection. Get screwed over by a second hand car dealer to add insult to injury, although this takes a month or two to become completely apparent. Avoid birch car sales at al cost.

Started blogging as an outlet for some creativity. Trying to come to terms with what a double uterus might mean as well as dealing with all the miscarriage stuff. Felt a lot of peace and support at this time, and out of a not nice situation gained closer friendships.

A much needed and appreciated holiday to Cornwall is taken. A week in a tent, a few miles from the sea, lots of nice food and some much appreciated time with Hubby. I reach the grand old age of 25.

First Gynae appointment finally arrives, Very pleased to be refered for a hysteroscopy, not because I'm overjoyed at the idea of someone sticking a camera up my bits, but I'm glad that they are taking this seriously and aren't just ignoring it. More friends give birth. Perhaps I should stop commenting on this now, but 2008 definitely seemed to be the year of the weddings, bumps and babies.

Surprisingly hysteroscopy appointment comes through very quickly indeed. It is fairly interesting. The comments of "never seen one quite like that before" are a little unnerving though. Referred for MRi so more can be seen.

Have MRi, just got to wait for results. Difficult month for Dh as his granny dies after several months of being unwell, the day before we go to Florence, while we are in Somerset a couple of hundred miles away from home. We do go away and have a lovely time, then funeral on return. She was a lovely lady, but it wasn't until then I realised she shared her birthday with little Arthurs due date. I like to think of them celebrating together in heaven.

Due date, final gynae appointment and diagnosis of bicornuate bicollis. Back ttc

To my great shock but happiness I get a bfp first month trying. Also my first interview for volunteer work at hospital. 6 week scan shows a heartbeat!

See occupational health nurse regarding volunteer work, get through all that. Have an art exhibiton while fighting the most horrible cold. Next scan shows this little one is growing just fine.

Volunteer work induction. Christmas and all the fun and busyness that brings, then on to a new year.

So that is it really. It is just the very bare bones of a year which has been fairly eventful to say the least. I can say that through it all though I am so grateful for God, for my wonderful husband and for friends who really stepped up when I needed them. And here is to 2009, a complete change, a new life in our life. I also hope to get back on with the creativity and the photography at least for the first half of this year.