Monday, 17 November 2008

Right paintings as promised

Right firstly my ongoing toadstool. I feel like I have reached a block with this. It looks to flat, I'm not hugely happy with it, but I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. Most probably will not go in exhibition as I feel not up to scratch.

Just started this one, not much to see at the moment, but will be a red flower when finished

Thirdly and different again is this. Will be the background for some vaguely geometric abstractish piece, not sure what, but will have a play later.

As for midwifes appointment on friday that went fine. She couldn't give me an actual date though for my scan as they have changed the system so she could no longer do it online. I should get a letter through in the next couple of days anyway letting me know about my scan. She also said the people on my road were keeping her busy at the moment! I know a couple have recently had babies, one she let slip was pregnant last time I was pregnant, but I wonder if there are any more I don't know about? I don't really know any of the neighbours anyway, just being nosey really.

As for life i general we went to a wedding in London this weekend. It was a lovely weekend, stayed with a really generous friend down that way, and was good to catch up with a few people too. Have come back absolutely shattered and fighting a horrid cold, but aside from that all good. Now must get painting!