Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Back again

I know I have been quiet the past couple of weeks or so, but all is well here. We had a week in Northumberland which was lovely, and beyond that I just seem to be sleeping, a LOT! Which I guess is a good thing, aside from the fact I need to sort out for this art exhibition which is just over a week away, but instead all I seem to be doing is sleeping. I really need to get my bum in gear and do some more!

As for the photo competitions I came 3rd last month with my toadstool which I'm really pleased about. My painting of said toadstool is nearlly finished too so shall have to post some more pictures of that. This months theme is simply colour. People have posted some good pictures so far, but I don't really seem to have the motivation. Hopefully will start to get some energy back soon.

Anyway off to see the midwife this morning and hopefully make an appointment for my scan. I shall update later, hopefully with some pictures of my art too.