Thursday, 24 July 2008

How to make a difference

It's one of the on going themes of my life, doing something to make a difference. Anyway when I've been in hospital for varying things a couple of things have really stayed with me. The first was when I had my ERPC. There was a woman there, we were there a good 12 hours or so, from rescan at 9 in the morning to op at 5ish, to home about half 8 or whatever it was, and I saw her on and off the whole day. She was in tears the whole day and she was completely alone. Although it wasn't exactly a great day for me I just wanted to go and hug her and hold her hand. I just really felt for her so much, she looked completely broken.

The second was a sign I saw when I went for my initial follow up appointment. It was asking for volunteers to help with the chaplaincy service. Now I know I'm not an ordained minister by any stretch of the imagination, but I can listen and I can pray with people if that is what they want. They may not even want me as a volunteer, but there is a meeting this saturday so will go and find out more and find out if I qualify so to speak. Even if they don't at least I'm being proactive.

So that's where I'm up to with that really. Will post a few pictures later, but will leave a seperate post.


Katherine said...

Hi Bernardeena,
I'm your friend from the pink place that lives not far from your parents (i think!!) I went to visit my new hospital when I was flat hunting (that should give it away!) and the volunteers there were lovely, they chatted away with me and said that they looked forward to getting to know me when I moved. I was only there about 10 mins but knowing that there would be 3 friendly faces when I know very very few people made such a difference :) I think you'd be fantastic at it, good luck
Katherine xx