Friday, 16 May 2008

Listen to your instincts

Lesson of the week, if you feel uneasy about something or your instinct tells you something isn't right then listen, as it may be more then just your instincts talking to you. I wish I had, I wanted a car, loved it, but felt really uneasy. Ignored the feeling as couldn't see anything wrong and bought the car anyway. 2 months later and I realise my instincts were right, leaving me out of pocket by quite a lot now. I don't have it in me to fight right now for full money back with some dodgy car dealer who is going to make it difficult ad claims there is nothing wrong, so taken a smaller amount of money and walked away. So now on to look for a car again, joy. This time if I feel uneasy though I won't buy the car!

As for last weeks photos I have taken some (honest gov), not as many as hoped due to the car situation, however I haven't got the camera with me today so will try and post them over the weekend and take a load more pictures too. You never know if I'm doing well I may get round a national trust property without any hiccups unlike the past 3 times! Car hunting first anyway.

Oh and as a complete aside to anything else can i rant about next doors cats destroying all my seedlings?! Well I can because it's my blog, but anyway, MY BIG TUBS OF SALAD LEAVES ARE NOT A BED FOR YOU YOU STUPID GINGER CAT!!!! At least it has left the carrots alone and all the others, but GRRR!

Please note that after this picture was taken I did go out and shoot said cat with the hosepipe.