Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A special gift

I've been really missing my Grandad these past couple of weeks. He died in March but it seems so much longer ago. His house sale is just going through so the final house clearance was done a couple of weeks ago. While they were doing this they found an envelope at the bottom of an old box, inside the envelope was these.

My grandma died just before I was born, I believe in the March and I was born in the May so I never got to meet her. This is her wedding, engagement and eternity ring. At some point after she died my Grandad's house was burgled and people were left to believe these rings had been taken, we presume my Grandad let people believe that to avoid politics and maybe so he could keep them himself? They are a size k, the same as my wedding ring, apparently it is from my grandma I get my figure and we must have had the same size hands. My uncle has passed these on, I have now put the eternity ring on with my wedding and engagement ring and think about my grandad a lot. It has to be a bit of a family secret with certain people which is sad, but I am so very very grateful to have them.


I Believe in Miracles said...

That is awesome. My aunt cleaned out my grandmother's house when my grandmother moved in with her and there isn't much of special significance like that to remember her by when she passes on. I love the rings. They're beautiful.

Bernardeena said...

I think the fact they are completely unexpected and came exactly when I needed them is partly what makes them so special. It is perfect timing and has seen me through a hard couple of weeks. Even silly things like the fact that the windchimes, which were my Grandads, broke this week. It made me a bit sad but this has given me a smile. The windchimes are at least fixable though, they are one of the things that really makes me think of him. They have no 'value' but they are special to me.

Woolly Wanderer said...

A smile from heaven for sure, sometimes we need these "divine nudges" and words of encouragment and as always they come just when they are needed the most.

San x