Monday, 10 September 2012


There is no jam so  nice as homemade damson jam. However after 2 bumper years the tree barely fruited this year. The same with my plum and cooking apple tree. It has been a good year for my strawberries and currants and blue and blackberries, but the weather has been all wrong for the fruit trees.

So this year we are having autumn jam instead of damson. I picked this little lot the other day and the jam it made wasn't bad at all.

We used 1.2kg of fruit, 800g of sugar, and a good slug of red grape juice. The red grape juice has plenty of natural sugar so you need less then usual granulated sugar, making it that tiny bit better and it adds a lovely flavour, while still setting perfectly.

That made me 4 jars worth, to go with the remaining 2 jars of mixed summer fruit jam. Delicious with real butter and homemade bread!


Woolly Wanderer said...

Your right about the fruit trees, our Damson at the bottom of the garden is bearing a poor crop and the fig tree is positively miserable!

Love your dyed wrap it is gorgeous, I do miss babywearing! I think would happily let me back carry her but unfortunately MY back would not take the strain!!