Saturday, 12 May 2012

Facing the fear.

I have never knitted in the round before. The thought scares me, especially not helped by seeing someone I know try and knit a hat in the round once. I was scarred. However this week I was making some more baby legs so I thought I would give it a go, nothing could be simpler then leg warmers!

So here is my work in progress. I have done one and a half now and although they aren't perfect they aren't too bad. However the only dpns I had are, as you can see, far too long for little things, so I have treated myself.

One day I may even brave socks. But not today.


Evelyn said...

It's funny how people have different fears with knitting. I was (still am to be honest!) terrified of lace even though I know logically I can do all the stitches without a problem.

Your knitting looks good :-) I love my circular needles, they are much easier for me to use than DPN's. When I made socks I used two circular needles in a similar way to how you are using the DPN's at the moment. I've tried doing magic loop too which is with just one large circular needle but it doesn't make sense to my brain yet lol

Bernardeena said...

I am part way through my first big lace piece and it is honestly not as scary as it looks. The shaping can be a bit fiddly but that is all.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Impressive. I've knit using those needles with a loop in between and still managed to drop stitches! Def need to post a picture when you're done!

Pearl said...

Careful, socks are addictive. I also started with dpns, and then slowly evolved towards knitting two socks at the same time with two circular needles. I've never looked back!