Friday, 9 March 2012

Reading the news

A big shake up in adoption is coming from the sounds of it, but one line in this article has just made a big difference to our future adoption plans.

Legal changes to make it easier for children to be fostered by people approved for adoption so that a child might be fostered by someone who goes on to adopt them
Concurrent adoption is very rare in this country, and when it does happen it is normally with babies, or foster carers who are caring for children adoptive families can't be found for. I don't want to foster, I want to adopt a sibling group, but I want to be able to do it without them having to make several moves and being torn from several families. My brother came to us to be adopted at age 3 and had already had 5 foster families, plus several emergency placements while he had lived with his mum. That can't be good for anyone. Imagine being taken away from every single person you know and love, then imagine that happening several times over, then imagine you are too young to understand why. That is why I want to adopt concurrently if at all possible.


DrSpouse said...

Interesting - will have to have a word with our social worker and see if she knows anything.

Bernardeena said...

I think it is nothing solid yet, but definitely in the works and if it does become a more viable option in this country it is definitely the option I want to take. I remember you telling me about concurrency many year ago when an adoption agency in Manchester were trying it. I just think that for the child it is nearly always going to be the best option.