Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Strawberries, broadbeans, currants and caterpillars

The weather outside has taken a turn and the rain is falling, but this week has been gorgeous. I love this time of year in the garden, there is so much lovely fresh produce in the garden.

The home grown broadbeans taste so much nicer then shop bought ones, they are lovely just raw in salads. We have red currants and blackcurrants and soon the white currants will be ripe. Yesterday I turned some of the strawberries into yogurty smoothie ice lollies, just in time for the hot weather to disappear, but they are tasty never the less. We have other bits coming up too, however like with lots of things, with the good also comes the bad
Hundreds and literally thousands and thousands of sawfly caterpillars, and just when I think I have got on top of them there is an infestation of greenfly, encrusting my plum tree.

I love having the opportunity to grow my own fruit and veg, sometimes it's down right annoying, when your seedlings are replaced with cat poo or slug trails, but when you eat your own food fresh from the garden, there is no food like it.