Monday, 23 May 2011

I'm not broody but...

My little man is now 5 months old, 18lb2 at last weigh in, he is rolling over and he chatters away such a lot. He is wonderful and beautiful but most definitely not a little newborn any more. I love this stage, before too long he will be discovering food and crawling, but I also am slightly sad at the fact that I probably won't do the whole newborn thing again. I love having babies, feeding babies, slinging my babies, cuddling my babies, I'm just not to keen on the whole being pregnant thing.

I feel happy with my two boys, and am looking forward to the next stage for us which will be adopting when they are bigger. It's always been my intention, and I'm impatient for that stage. We have a lot to give and their are lots of children who need stable loving homes.

It all seems planned in my head, until the other night hubby drops the bombshell that he is broody!

Monday, 9 May 2011


We had an absolutely wonderful holiday, we have onbly been back a week but it seems so long ago already. We stayed in a lovely cottage in Wales, with a stream in the grounds and a swimming pool just by the back door. For April the weather was gorgeous, and we had a fab time.

Had a lovely day on one of the most beautiful beaches. If you ever get chance to go to Barmouth beach then do, the beach id lovely and the scenery is stunning.

We had a day at the zoo, and saw N's current favourite animal. Happy feet is a firm favourite at the moment.

And we had not one but 2 days out on steam trains, a firm favourite with not only N but also with the husband. We have heard lots of shoutrs of engine, choo choo, track etc since we have been.

So there is a brief bit of our week. I would recommend north Walws to anyone, you may not get the weather we did but it is a beautiful place to visit.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Garden menaces

It has been very quiet here recently, partly as we all had a horrible fluey bug and then partly because we all went on holiday, which was lovely. We had gorgeous weather and a relaxing and lovely time with our friends. However that is for another post.

This post is for my garden and the things attacking it, and for once it isn't cats. No I'll give you a clue
Those spots aren't caused by some mystery plant bug, and they aren't confined to one plant, they cover all plants, toys, compost bin, shed, raised beds etc on the left side of the garden. They are caused by this menace, fence sprayer If you are thinking about this, just don't do it!!!

And then to add insult to injury I've come back to find all my gooseberry bushes covered in mildew and completely stripped of leaves by sawfly. This gardening malarky doesn't always suit my style of bung it in the ground and hope for the best.

However summer is not too far away, the tulips, daffodils and blossom have all gone,
the seeds are growing and sprouting. The first salad leaves are almost ready, and before you know it we will have so many courgettes coming out we will be eating them every meal.