Saturday, 5 February 2011

A finish and a revelation.

Better late the never! This is for my neice, the colours aren't true to life on this photo but you get the idea. It's a less the perfect piece, but I'm pleased it is done. The main bits of knitting were done before I's arrival but the making up is always the bit I find difficult. I have had a revelation though. Making up isnt actually as difficult as I make it, it is really actually fairly simple.

At knitting this week I was shown a different way to pick up stitches, rather then my made up hope for the best way, and it is SOOOOO much easier! If I pick up the second stitch in rather then the end stitch it is neater, easier and quicker. So I picked up the last armhole and finally finished. Hurrah.

I'e also discovered that if you want to knit with a baby who doesn't like being put down, then the best thing to do is lie him facedown across your knees. So knitting result this week. Hopefully knitting can get back into the flow.


Hazel said...

Lovely jumper! Haha at the knitting with baby bit. I wonder how long you can make that last for. x

Bernardeena said...

Not long I'm sure, but I'll have to make the most of it while I can.

Walking by Faith said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I've always wanted to learn how to knit but have never really taken the time. At the moment I'm trying to learn how to use my sewing machine to do more than a running stitch!