Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A birth story attempt 2

I have started writing all this in huge detail, but it all seemed a bit too much right now, so I'll do a shortened version.

Isaac was born by an emergency planned section at 3.22am on the 18th December. I was booked in for a section on the 23rd due to the fact he was breech, but he had other ideas. I am really pleased I went into labour naturally, not just because I had less time to wait to meet him, but because it meant he came when he was ready and when he wanted to be born, not when we decided for him to be born. I know that may seem like a small thing to lots of people but to me it matters, both my boys may have been sections, but they both decided their own entrance day.

I had been having contractions most the night of the 16th, nothing through the day of the 17th, but then when I tried to go to bed they started up again. Come midnight they were fairly regular but not too painful, but the snow was coming heavily so I rang the hospital and they said to come in. It was a bit of a slippy drive and the contractions were coming more often and stronger by the time we got there. I had the most lovely midwife (who actually specialises in breech vaginal deliveries but said she wouldn't recommend it in my case, not that I wanted to try) and she was really good and supportive. Actually the labour seemed to be going better then it had with N, but come 3 the theatre was ready and we went in to meet our little boy. The section went smoothly, he was born at 3.22 and came over for cuddles as I was being sewn back up. Getting back to recovery took a little longer then expected as they temporarily misplaced a page of notes (they had put them on the bed then put me on top of them when they moved me!) but before too long they were found and we were back in recovery giving our first feed.

Feeding has been going really well. I am very very fortunate in that both my boys seem to be natural feeders and have latched on with no problems from the start. One of the midwives did ask if I'd thought of doing breastfeeding support, but I'm not sure how much advice someone who has found things so easy would be able to give?

All in all everyone who I was under the care of while in for his birth has been fantastic. They were good when I had N, but this time they have just been fantastic, they were so lovely and supportive. They were really good when N was being a typical toddler who wanted to run up and down the corridors during visiting, they were happy to leave me to co sleep on the ward, ready to help whenever I needed, lovely just to chat to. I think a big thank you letter and chocolates will be sent soon.

So I guess that is all there is to say for now. Ok it may not be that short, but shorter then origionally. I'm so grateful to have my little boy here and home and now we are enjoying our babymoon with lots and lots of cuddles.