Thursday, 9 September 2010

Learning about yourself.

Well today I learnt that I have one leg marginally shorter then the other, therefore slightly wonky hips, and also very slight curvature of the spine at the top, which would explain why I always look slightly slouched even when I'm not.

These are things I learnt at the physio today. I also learnt that my bump is comparatively tiny, seeing how huge the woman before me was. She is expecting twins, but that was one impressive bump!

The physio appointment went generally quite well anyway. She has given me some exercises and loads of info so just wait and see how I get on really, and just a case of go back when I need to.


Hazel said...

Really?? I hadn't noticed. Hey hey I have finished the big blankie! Today someone said something really hurtful to me. Been niggling me all day. x

Bernardeena said...

Wel done on the blanket!! I would say try and not take the hurtful comment to heart but I know that is easier said then done.

I must say that I'd never noticed the leg thing, she did say it was only marginal and just one of those things. The back bit doesn't surprise me though.