Thursday, 26 August 2010

3 things that have made me smile.

I went to see my friend Hazel last night and we were talking about being positive and sometimes just stopping to think of 3 things that have made you smile today. They don't have to be big things, just things that make you happy.

Anyway it may only be 9.30am but here are three things that have made me smile this morning.

My new nappies and wipes that arrived in the post at 8 this morning. I love My funkly nappies.

My Damson tree which now has lots of lovely ripe damsons that my brother is going to pick for me today. Then it is jam making time, and there is no nicer jam then homemade damson jam.

And thirdly the fact that I'm not in pain this morning. Yesterday I was achey and in so much pain, to the point I nearly cried when they said the midwife drop in had changed from afternoons to mornings so I'd have to wait a week to see her. This morning it has eased so much and I can actually walk faster then a snail which was all I could manage at my worse yesterday dinnertime. The power of prayer and a good nights sleep!

So what 3 things have made you smile today?


Hazel said...

That prayer worked quick! Still, don't you be overdoing it now. The damsons look lovely. x

Bernardeena said...

I was still achey by the afternoon, but not in the constant pain I was on wednesday. It was a definite improvement.

Damson jam made and it is yummy.

Hazel said...

Bring me a jar!!