Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Brushes and hooks

This weekend I took my first step in learning to crochet. At this point it would be good if I had something to s\how you as a sign of my progress, but all I have is a few little scraps with working out different stitches and how to increase etc. Ah well, it is all part of resuming my crafty mojo. I did a crochet workshop at this place and I must say that some of the yarns she stocks are gorgeous.

I have also restarted with painting. It is something I havent done for quite a long time, but slowly I'm starting up with again. I must say though that the one problem with learning the crochet, all the gardening I've been doing, and restarting the painting is that the knitting has gone to pot. Doh! Anyway here is a picture I have done for DS's wall, and just a bit of a doodle that is currently adding colour to the walls of the stairway. DS's picture is of Louie and although it isn't quite finished I'm really pleased

And to finish off this post...