Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year

I'm sure the blogging universe is currently littered with reviews of the year past, and hopes and dreams for the year to come, but I shall add mine to the pile.

This year has possibly been the best so far. I have a gorgeous son who got here safe and sound despite the whole double uterus thing, and is now growing into such a fabulous but large little man. He is such a character, and I am so grateful for him. Things with DH are great, I have a gorgeous niece, and I just feel so blessed right now in so many ways.

On NYE we had a few friends over, some old and some new and one of the things we did was all talk about 2 hopes we had for 2010. It was interesting to hear everyones hopes, and I shall admit here that my hope for 2010 is to have another baby! Beyond that my hopes and dreams are more long term, such as the whole adopting thing and possibly me going to uni part time at some point too. I don't want to get caught up in the whole ttc thing this year, but another baby in the none to distant future would be very nice thanks. I don't really have any resolutions of any depth, yes I should get back into my photography and crafty things etc, but I think the main thing is just to enjoy the blessings I have.