Monday, 14 September 2009

Joy of Joys

Today is smear test day, which I would not be looking forward to anyway. However I have several added bonuses.

I can see how this is going to go. They won't realise that I have 2 cervixes, so I will have to explain. Yes you would think that they would know and it would all be on record but last time I was there they offered me a coil. I then had to turn round and say er thanks love but that wouldn't work as I have 2 uterii. Bit red faced on their part. Even when I was pregnant it wasn't on my hand held notes and I had to tell people. Anyway there is no point them just doing one cervix, so I will have to tell them. Then I will have to lie there while they poke around trying to find the second one, which isn't in an obvious place. Joy.

And added to the joy of extra prodding will be the discomfort. Who would of thought yours bits would be sore after a c section? I didn't, given they hadn't pushed a baby through them and all those contractions didn't get me to more then 1cm dilated I'd have thought that they would have felt normal, but no unfortunately not.

This is clearly going to be a fun day.


cowboyboot lady said...

I know how you feel! I get to go do the same thing tomorrow... Don't you love reminding them of both cervix! Takes twice as long! Joy! Hope it went ok...

Bernardeena said...

Went better then expected, and fortunately they were running on time so didn't have to wait too long. Hope yours went ok too.

DrSpouse said...

That's hilarious about the coil! Did they offer you a second one too?