Thursday, 27 August 2009

A note from France

We are currently away on our first holiday with the little man, (or should that be big, he was 14lb 8 at exactly 9 weeks making the only baby bigger then him at our baby group a 7 mounth old) Anyway I digress, from what I'm not sure.

We are having a lovely time in Brittany though with the inlaws who are here all summer. We are just here for 10 days, but I think all the fresh air is doing us all good, even if the ferry journey didn't do me much good. If they put a plaque up everywhere I had been sick throughout my life I think there would be an awful lot of them about. However the country and the sea isn't littered with 'Bernardeena was sick here' plates fortunately for you all. It's all worth it though. Noah has seen the sea and been to the beach for the first time and seems to love babbling and smiling away at everything he sees here. Me and Noah are getting used to actually having to get up in the morning, and he seems to have taken to having a big long afternoon sleep while we are here which leaves me in this odd position of having free time to do things for myself. I've actually finished some knitting off which I shall hopefully photograph soon, and I find myself in the position of wishing I'd brought more wool with me. I may even read a book for the first time since he was born, it is a big thing for me not to have read a book for so long. I have Jane Eyre stood waiting, which although I have read many a time before I will happily read again. If this carries on when we get home I may actually even do some painting.

So all is good, I know some people wouldn't reccommend a holiday with a 2 month old, but we are having a fantastic time!


cowboyboot lady said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your vacation! It sounds amazing...and the free time during the nap...even better. Enjoy!