Friday, 20 February 2009

When the google-er is the google-ee

I know I said a couple of weeks ago at how shocked I was at being one of the top results for bicornuate bicollis uterus. However when I was starting to think about giving birth and how having two cervixes may affect that I didn't really consider that I would still be on the top page of results, after all I have never given birth. I think my search for knowledge is reaching a bit of a stumbling block.

My wondering is what will actually happen when I come to give birth? That is presuming I give birth naturally, which isn't a given anyway with the low lying placenta and the increased risk of breech, but anyway back to my musings. So if I do go into labour what actually happens? Will both uterii contract? I'm presuming only the cervix attached to the uterus containing baby will actually dilate? I can't see why the other one would but I have heard people say dilation is caused by hormones? Surely it is partially caused by the contractions pushing baby down? I think it is time to head back to the mullerian anomalies yahoo group and ask the experts.

I really do think I think about things too much. The main thing is that he gets here safe and well.


DrSpouse said...

I wouldn't be too surprised if most of the Yahoo group people are in the US where they section you at the drop of a, erm, pair of knickers?

Bernardeena said...

I think you might be right at that, plus they nearly all travel half way across america to see one particular doctor which really doesn't help me. Saying that though my first thought on being sectioned wasn't the correct one until I realised you meant c sectioned! I need to wake up more.

Muso kindly asked on a midwifery forum for me, so at least I should have a vague idea what is going on.

DrSpouse said...

Oh, oh, oh, do you know about Mrs Hairy Farmer Family??? Definitely the person for you to know:

(but don't be too scared!)

Bernardeena said...

I do read her blog yes, it is linked in my google reader thing, I never really comment though as I'm crap at making comments. Maybe I should say hello.

Suzette said...

This is very interesting. They thought that I had a double uterus, after two ultrasounds they decided that it was just a heart shaped uterus. But during the process, I asked several questions. My dr said that I could have a completely normal pregnancy and that the biggest risk would be making it full term, meaning I may go into labor a little sooner.. Which wasn't a big deal he said. He also informed me that the side uterus that wasn't impregnated (is that a word) would just stay the same size and not grow or contract. Be sure and ask your doctor all of these questions. I hope everything goes well!

Bernardeena said...

That is how I found your blog Suzette, when looking for other pregnant people with double uteruii. Then I discovered we are due about 2 days apart so been keeping popping back to your blog ever since. I think the problem with these things is that different doctors often tell you completely different things as often unless they are a specialist in these things they don't really know much. Also in the uk most of our pregnancy care isn't actually done by doctors, I very rarely see one,just seen by midwives. I'll have to ask when I'm at the hospital at the start of May though.

I will say this though, once your pregnancy is over and your little girl here, get checked out properly by a specialist. They can't really tell what is going on just from ultrasounds even if they claim they can. I asked so many questions when I was going through my investigations before I was pregnant this time, it was just one of those questions I forgot to ask at the time as it wasn't relevant then. Which was rather silly of me really, but at the time I was more worried about getting and staying pregnant then I was about what would happen when I came give birth. Anyway Hi again, and thanks for your post!