Thursday, 24 June 2010

Scrapping the 'Breast is best' slogan

What should replace it? What slogan can they think up that will actually persuade more people to at least give breast feeding a go?

I'm thinking, "Breastfeeding, it's free and it helps you get thin"

As a note I do know that not everyone can successfully breastfeed, but there are so many people unwilling wo even give it a go. I don't think any slogan can change that. However I do think that you have to do what is best for you as well as baby, as that makes everyone happier in the long run. It just frustrates me listening to some people and why they never even try.


K77 said...

Well after nearly 23 months of BFing so far it certainly hasn't brought about any weight loss. My years of infertility weight are still hanging on.

How about......... breastfeeding, it's the mammalian norm.

I've seen bumper stickers from ABA "Human milk for human babies and toddlers", I like that one.

Bernardeena said...

I have obviously just been lucky with the weight loss.

I think the problem is trying to get through to people who won't contemplate it, telling them it is what breast were designed for is often just like banging your head against a wall. I know a couple of people who think it is un-natural???!!?

I'd also pump for "breastfeeding, it doesn't taste like crap, have you tasted formula?" but I do know some people have little choice but to bottle feed and that wouldn't help the guilt they already feel.

It just astounds me some peoples attitudes, like breastfeeding is disgusting. Fortunately I've only ever had positive comments.